An introduction (which was originally called ParTime Student) offers job hunters a more effective and innovative way of finding and applying for jobs.

Our aim is to help students earn money to help them through their studies, whilst offering companies of all sizes the opportunity to promote their vacancies effectively.


What we do

Our whole job hunting engine is built on location based searching. We know from our own experiences how important location is when trying to find work. This ensures that you are applying for jobs you can actually do. For employers this is a major factor which increases their employee retention and is something they love and truly value. Coupled with our great and simply filtering tools, this is why we started the site and is why we've been featured in national newspapers such as The Metro.

We like to keep it simple. For job seekers this means that searching for jobs they are interested in using our site is super easy and intuitive. In addition we have made applying for roles as straight forward as possible, so you can put all your time and effort into getting the job you really want. For employers this means we make it nice and straight forward to get their vacancies on the site and provide them with great visibility and excellent application stats.

Within our small team we have over 7 years of experience running top websites in the student job market. This experience and expertise means that we know and understand the nuances of the student job hunt and have a huge passion for improving the job prospects for the student population.


Have a question? We're more than happy to help. The best person to get in touch with is Gareth, so send him an email at



As featured in The Metro (when we were known as ParTime Student)

ParTime Student in The Metro