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Beyond Networking is about making the right connections and regular profitable introductions. And there’s more. Learn how to generate profit from time already invested in business networking groups, both offline and online.

Research shows that 83% of us are influenced by word-of-mouth. Professional firms like accountants and solicitors have known this for years and already invest in the development of networking skills. Yet is this really generating a return?

These are amongst the concerns of some of the networkers we have been able to help recently:

  • People I meet fail to understand what we can do for them or their contacts
  • It’s feast or famine, there is no consistency when we receive introductions
  • I don’t know what to say when with existing customers – I don’t want to annoy them
  • I’m making lots of contacts yet not getting enough new business
  • Inferior competitors seem to win business even though we go to the same events
  • Our team is technically brilliant yet lack skills or confidence to get out there and network
  • Pipelines are running dry because no one is generating word of mouth
  • I might be wasting time and resources when networking with the wrong people

We have been helping people with our revolutionary new briefings and workshops, which are both practical and experiential. We’re revealing a unique, tried and tested method to accelerate business growth, utilising “word of mouth” introductions with contacts made already or those you meet today or tomorrow.


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