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El-Vaquero (Spanish for cowboy) is a truly unique Brazilian style    dining experience.

At El-Vaquero your experienced Passadors (meat carvers) pass from table to table slicing different cuts of meat from skewers onto your plate.

This is a totally unique experience for your taste buds because our selection of meat is extensive and sure to tempt. With delights such as leg of lamb, beef in a variety of cuts, chicken drumsticks, wings and kebabs as well as sausages and authentic specialities such as chicken hearts.

You can also help yourself to the vast array of freshly made, hot dishes and cold salads available from our buffet.

Everything at El-Vaquero is expertly grilled to keep it succulent and full of flavour. If you have a preference of how you like your meat cooked, just let the Passadors know and they will offer you cuts from either the outside of the skewer so it’s well done or from the centre so that its rare.

No craving is too large at El Vaquero and our Passadors will continue to serve you freshly grilled meats until you can eat no more.

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