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Minerva Tutors is a London based education company providing professional educational services across the UK and Internationally. We pour our dedication and passion for education into everything we do. Whether its 1 on 1 academic tuition, revision courses, holiday schools, or life skills work-shops, we always have the same 3 aims: To motivate, to encourage and to inspire our pupils to success; success in the classroom and the world beyond. 

We have brilliant tutors for all subjects and all areas. We serve customers in London and the UK on a weekly basis, and abroad for residential placements. We also run work shops teaching life skills such as Interview training, Communication Skills, Public Speaking and Leadership. And we use our profits for funding the Minerva Trust - where we provide free tuition to young, newly immigrated teenagers whose lack of English means no state schools will take them on for GCSEs at the Baytree Centre. We bring their English and Maths up to a good enough standard so a local school will take them on.

We are proud partners of Swiss Rugby, YouthProAktiv and the Baytree Centre in Brixton. www.minervatutors.co.uk

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