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At STA Travel, we’ve been travelling the world spreading love, peace and adventure since 1979.

Over 35 years later, our fashions may have changed (flares just weren't practical for adventure, and socks and sandals were just plain wrong) but as travellers, we haven't. We’re still just as wide-eyed with the world and just as bonkers about getting you out there to see it.

As the world's leading student travel company, we've been creating unforgettable adventures for awesome people since 1979. Today we send over 2 million customers away on trips each year, which requires a LOT of work from a LOT of talented people.

If you love to travel, are comfortable being packed off to incredible parts of the planet on work trips and can make a decent cuppa, then we want to hear from you. Here's what life is like as an STA Traveller.

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