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At Zizzi we are not just in the business of food. It's not just lunch, not just dinner. We are in the business of creating magic and memories for our customers, beyond just their meal.

We want to bring all those critical elements together-great people, great food and world class operational
standards to deliver Great Times to all our customers. That's the Zizzi Feeling.

Back in 1999 we opened the doors of our first ever Zizzi restaurant. Our philosophy was simple: every time you dine with us, it should be for great Italian inspired food in an environment designed by individual touches unique to the surrounding area. Today there are a few more Zizzi's (over 140 now) but our philosophy remains the same.

Our restaurants have the warm and social atmosphere of typical Italian dining but host a playful individuality of their own, be it through the signature open kitchen design focused around the wood stone oven, or the unique illustrative art surrounding the walls. The people, the food and the prime locations make Zizzi the perfect place for good friends and family to come together and have a great time.

At Zizzi we are a family. It's never me, always we. You have your own brand of magic and know just the right stuff to take a good time to a great time, whatever the occasion.

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